About Big Creek Expeditions

Big Creek Expeditions, Inc. was founded by Owner/Operator Jon Felderman in 2004. The story of this company of course begins with him.
Legend has it that Jon was once a stunt driver for the Dukes of Hazard and decided to start a rafting company to keep his…okay, so this is not true at all. Jon actually began his career in the outdoor adventure business training to be a guide on the Pigeon River in the spring of 1996. Jon was never your typical river guide. He began his training shortly after graduating from the University of Tennessee School of Architecture. While most of the other guides spent their off days living and playing in the woods, Jon was working at the prestigious architecture firm of Brewer, Ingram, & Fuller. By 1997 Jon had quickly moved from River Guide, to Trip Leader, and then to River Manager. All while working as an architect in Knoxville, TN. As I'm sure you could guess, it didn't take long for Jon's developing passion for the Pigeon River and the rafting community to take over. Wearing a shirt and tie everyday inside a stuffy office building in downtown Knoxville began to wear on Jon. The mountains kept calling him back. By 2004 Jon decided that while he loved architecture, it was time to do more than draft schematics. He was ready to begin building a rafting company. And that's exactly what Jon did, spending the next 15 years building the most customer-oriented team and outpost on the Pigeon River. 

Over the years the Big Creek Expeditions family continues to grow. Year after year, our seasonal staff returns from all over the country to spend the summer at Big Creek Expeditions.  Boasting the most experienced staff on the river, Big Creek Expeditions is dedicated to the safety of our guests. Our guides have some of the most extensive certifications available in the outdoor industry. We want to make sure you and your group have the most memorable, fun experience while vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains. To get a quick glimpse at some of our members, check out Our Guides.